Our exceptional apple cider vinegars

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GINGRAS XO Très vieux vinaigre de cidre

Gingras XO
Apple Cider Vinegar

Our original vinegar is complex and refined, not overly acidic with a crisp apple finish.

GINGRAS XO Framboise

Gingras XO
Raspberry Apple Cider Vinegar

Our raspberry infused vinegar has fresh berry notes with no added sweetness.

Vinaigre XO balsamique Gingras

Gingras XO
Extra Old Apple Cider Vinegar Balsamique

The apple must reduction added to GINGRAS XO offers a fruity, velvety balsamic type vinegar, ideal for sauces.

vinaigre Gingras XO érable

Gingras XO
Extra old Apple Cider Vinegar Maple

Adding pure maple syrup to our GINGRAS XO cider vinegar results in a stunning product rich in subtleties.

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Vinaigre de cidre artisanal GINGRAS Héritage

Gingras Héritage Apple Cider Vinegar

Gingras Héritage is naturally produced and aged to create an optimum quality apple cider vinegar that is also rich in Mother.